What can you find in the app?


We call the app "Our company in your pocket". Therefore, you will find a number of useful documents in the application such as manuals, datasheets,          lists of materials used in production, product catalogs and spare parts lists.


Another important part of the application is scanning of QR codes on our products. Each of our products belonging to the category of heating or cooling products is provided          QR code. With the help of GastroApp you can conveniently scan the code, you will see an initial dialog in which you will see          

  1. Contact Information
  3. Order identification and position in the order
  5. Product name
  7. Product Spare Parts Link


We offer subscribers an overview of orders and simple ordering of service or complaint solution.


Small summary:

  • Quick product identification
  • Ordering Spare Parts
  • Documentation including datasheets and manuals
  • PDF Product Catalogs
  • Ordering Service
  • Resolving complaints

Still don't know what GastroApp is? Maybe our great videos will help you.