Where to find us


You can find us in Hall 6P with stand position G12 H11.


Introducing our company


Our company is engaged in development, production and sale of stainless gastronomic equipment for businesses         such as kitchens, restaurants, bars, cafes, and other dining establishments


We are able to equip your building not only with stainless steel appliances and accessories, but also with complete interior accessories and equipment according to our customer's wishes.         We work with materials such as glass, wood, laminate, stone, artificial stone, textiles, non-ferrous metals, black iron and many others.         


Quality production is ensured not only by modernized machinery (fiber laser, punching machines, press brakes, cutting machine), but also by our qualified staff. About our work         you can also check out our references.         


We would also like to introduce our new company video: Gastro Production s.r.o.




To improve our services we have developed GastroApp "Our company in your pocket" application. In the app you will find lists of materials we work with,         catalogs of spare parts products, datasheets and manuals. For easy identification of our products the application is equipped with a QR code reader and for registered users we have here         a list of their orders, ordering service, or handling complaints.


If you are interested in the app, we strongly recommend watching our video here: GastroApp .




Design your own professional kitchen in minutes with our app. GastroWizard


In the application you will find a list of our products from which you can conveniently build your gastronomic facility. The application offers you a complete 3D visualization,         import custom products, export price visualization to PDF, save data to the cloud, and more.


Video directly from GastroWizard


Element Saver


Save up to 50% energy with our revolutionary catalytic converter. Element Saver saves energy, increases combustion efficiency, improves water quality and removes fat. The Saver element is easy to install, maintenance-free and long-lasting.


And the element of Saver Video mustn't be missing - Element Saver Video